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Carreras guitars are entirely hand-crafted in the finest Spanish tradition, to individual requirements by master luthier Alfredo Maria Carreras. From his workshop in Perth, Western Australia, he uses the finest aged timbers sourced globally, each component shaped and joined to exacting standards.

In the crafting of his classical and flamenco guitars, he employs both traditional and modern techniques to deliver highly balanced instruments with rapid response, rich powerful projection and excellent sustain. 

Creating a custom guitar is a methodical and considered process and Alfredo works closely with his customers to ensure the instrument responds exactly to the musician's expectations as it is bought to life. Only when the guitar is finished to perfection is the Carreras signature proudly placed inside the completed instrument.

Carreras guitars have been commissioned by discerning musicians world-wide.



Alfredo offers his skills to all owners of stringed instruments where repair and service is required, including but not limited to:

• Refretting

• French polishing and other varnishing

• Crack repairs

• Crafting replacement parts


• Restorations

• Bridge alterations

Please contact Alfredo direct to discuss your specific requirements.

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