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"The guitar that I recently commissioned from Alfredo has to rank as the finest guitar that I have ever owned! It is a visually striking instrument that has exquisite details in its bindings and inlays. The guitar is constructed from beautiful pieces of European Spruce, matched with East Indian Rosewood back and sides and a double Ebony reinforced neck and fingerboard - all of which serves to produce the most important element, sound.


On first playing the guitar, the basses struck me as being powerful and deep, but most importantly, clear. The trebles are transparent and bell-like and over time the mid-range has developed to produce a tone that is wonderfully even across all the frequency spectrums. This, to me, has been so important in using the guitar as my primary recording instrument in the studio. I can honestly say that such a sound inspires passion and creativity in one's playing which cannot be quantified in words. Put simply, this guitar has reinvigorated my love for playing the classical guitar."


"As a proud owner of a traditional, classical guitar made by Alfredo, I am very happy to recommend his guitars to any player looking for a world class, hand-made instrument.

From the initial stages of meeting him, discussing the design and selecting the various woods to be used, through to receiving and playing the guitar, it has been a pleasure to do business with such a nice, open and friendly guy - who also happens to be a master craftsman.

The guitar itself is not only exquisitely crafted and very beautiful, but sonically it is extraordinary. Apart from the impressive volume, the quality of tone is very refined and what is immediately evident is the amazing clarity, sustain and balance between all strings.

Added to this, the lightness, balance and comfort of the guitar, presented in an excellent custom made case, make it easy for me to say that I am very happy to own, play and record with a guitar made by Alfredo Maria Carreras."


"Alfredo built me a beautiful Brazilian Rosewood guitar. I ran my thumb over the strings the second he handed me the guitar and my face literally lit up with amazement. I will never forget that moment! The sweetness of the bell-like trebles accompanied by the rich, round and full bass just sang like a choir of angles. His craftsmanship is exquisite and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience in going through the building process with him. No doubt the finest instrument I have ever played, certainly a treasure I will keep for years to come."


"Thank you for making such a fantastic guitar. Your obvious love and understanding of the art of Flamenco, coupled with your tremendous skills, have given me something I will always treasure."


"I recently had the opportunity to play the new guitar built by local Perth guitar maker Alfredo Carreras. I was impressed with the guitar for it's modern yet strongly traditional sound. The guitar was light-weight, easy to play, had a nicely positioned fingerboard and plenty of power in the strings. To top it all off, a beautifully hand-crafted logo made from mother of pearl shell was ingeniously embossed in the neck-stock."


"The classical guitar which Alfredo built me is of the highest quality. It produces a beautiful well-rounded tone with an excellent balance between the bass and treble. The workmanship and attention to detail is perfect. Aesthetically it is beautiful! Alfredo treated me like a special person and his aim was to build the best guitar possible. This is the hallmark of a true craftsman."


"This is Alfredo’s latest build; a beautiful piece of work that is an absolute pleasure to play. 


The top is well aged German spruce and the back and sides are Palak (the same Asian Rosewood used for many tuned percussion instruments). Whilst strutting is traditional for the sound board, the back is arched, negating the need for bracing there.


Other features include a 20th fret with the fingerboard slightly offset from the body at the 12th for easier playing reach, and Alfredo’s own modified approach to the fretboard for better playability. the bridge is set up with twelve holes for easy stringing and optimal tension.


This guitar plays easily and has started with crystal clear tones and good harmonic resonance. As is typical to spruce tops it will need to be well played and developed over time, but already there are some beautiful sounds coming out with well balanced voicing and string cross overs.


Thank you Alfredo. A unique and well crafted instrument that will only get better with age."



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